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Travel Business Reviews of Coastal Vacations, Global Resorts, GRN, Platinum One 1, and Scot Chatron

An insider’s comparison of the top travel businesses available today.
Who are they, what are their differences, how are they similar, what are the start up costs. What common thread binds the top ones all together. After all many of the top reps, like Scott Chatron, have been involved in both companies. Who are the top travel businesses: Coastal Vacation Club, DFI Decide Freedom International, CWB Coastal Wealth Builders, P1D Platinum 1 Destinations, GRN Global Resorts Network, Reverse Funnel System. You may find that Coastal Pays You very well or you may enjoy GRN or even the new P1D.

Global Resorts Network GRN has been around about 3-4 years. Nearly 22,500 Google searches occur for this company every month. Your investment is $1,495 or $2,995. The $2,995 Product is for a lifetime. Allows member the privileges of lifetime discounts on travel. The $1495 package is temporary while the more expensive package is for a lifetime. Vacations are from $299 - $699 per week for vacations. Profits are $500 or $1000 on memberships sold by the rep and match the profits on all the sales of the reps brought in directly underneath you. Pretty good payplan.
Advantages: Online booking, 2 levels to buy in at, matching bonuses, high converting products, two places to market - business opportunity seekers and retail end users, good cookie cutter websites/movies, no 2 up sales, paid on first sale
Disadvantages: Vacations non-transferable - only good for you, top profit margin $1000, limited markets.

Reverse Funnel System: Unique group within Global Resorts using there own marketing. About sixteen thousand Google searches for this company every month. You are warned to have a available a big marketing budget to stay in business. There are less expensive and better methods of marketing. For better alternatives just Google search the one word term WebMarketingAndLeads.

Coastal Vacation Club has been around over 20 years. There are about 60,000 Google searches for this company monthly. Buy in $1,295 or $3,995 or $11,000. All levels of the product are for life. People who have purchased a package can share with any one the benefits of lifetime deep discounted travel. The $1295 membership includes some cruise and stays, a carnival cruise, unlimited weekend get-aways and week long condo stays. Members pay from $199 - $350 weekly for a vacation. The $3995 package is a level one and two combo pkg– which adds unlimited Cruises, Disney Vacations, and International Travel. Platinum members enjoy all-inclusive resorts and much longer cruises and vacations. Profits on each sale are $1000 or $3200 or $9705 on memberships. You can preview the other benefits at and select packages to see what what they have to offer.

Advantages: 3 price points, ongoing income and team leverage through 2-up training sales, solid product, several areas in which to market (opp seekers, retail sales, fundraisers, business sales, incentive markets) premade sites/videos, Each trip can be given away to anyone, to any acquaintenances, two-up sales-by making sure your new people get qualified, Sales that net $1000 to $9705, marketing can be successful no matter how much you have to spend, tons of free training and resources available through the board of directors and 2 training sites
Disadvantages: First 2 sales go to your director to insure you get trained properly

Coastal Wealth Builders CWB Is a team within Coastal Vacation Club using their own systems and sites. Nearly two hundred people google search this group monthly. You could consider these as part of the number of people that search Coastal since that is what they sell. Their systems are similar to the systems in place and do a nice job training their people. Many CWB members use both the official system and also purchase CWB created websites.

Decide Freedom International DFI: Sub-group within Coastal Vacations using there private group techniques and sites. About 110 people Google search this group monthly. These also should be included with the number of people that search Coastal since they also market Coastal Vacations. They utilize some of the official marketing systems in place. They promote seminars held by Dani Johnson who is an incredible trainer in network marketing (I suggest hearing her at least once in your life also). However, I would not recommend sending your potential Coastal Members to a Dani event UNTIL you have brought them in-as I have come into contact with a few directors who have lost their potential team members to other coastal directors at such events.

Platinum 1 Destinations P1D – Coastal Synergy Group: Opened for business Jan 08. By the end of 2009 about 5,000 people google search this company monthly. Profit margins up to $7500. To be honest – In my research of this group I encountered dozens of inactive links to their websites which slowed my research. I do know that as the synergy group they were another sub group in Coastal Vacations and grew their team greatly. In fact the author here was actually a synergy member in 2005 when they were strictly Coastal-but to use the official Board of Director approved sites and training. The leadership of the synergy group opted to create a totally different system in 2008 totally separate from Coastal. Synergy members were grandfathered into this new system, unfortunately, I have come across several Coastal Representatives who joined the synergy group and had no access to the approved official Coastal Board of Director training and were left hanging and looking for ways to work their businesses or forced to work a new system they didn’t buy into. I am aware that nearly all of the successful P1D synergy group travel agents and P1D testimonials were former members of the Coastal Vacation Synergy Group. In fact, I have even heard them interchange their Coastal Testimonials.

Coastal Vacations was founded around 1985, have never altered their pay plan, have the highest available profit margins up to $9705 per sale. They also govern themselves with a board of directors but maintain individual responsibility by staying an association of several hundred thousand memberships. They have a few notable sub-groups within Coastal such as DFI and CWB. Sub-groups have advantages and disadvantages(a disadvantage is like what happened with the synergy group). Obviously more people Google Coastal Vacations than all other travel based opportunities any where on the net. The Coastal Board of Directors also has a cookie cutter set up with complete websites, 800 tele-services, auto responders, movies, lead generating methods, approved lead vendors etc… The board of directors has a beautiful system in place negating any need for extra groups and whatever costs/risks associated with them. If you work this business according to the fully approved systems in place then you will see that CoastalPaysYou extremely well. In fact CoastalPaysYou so well that many people have fired their bosses after getting involved in this company. Want more info from a Coastal veteran who uses the Official Coastal board approved system? Want to partner with 6 and 7 figure earners? Want to learn the secret marketing techniques leaders do not share? Contact Ed Przybylski from Ohio.

Global Resorts Network GRN has been around a few years, never changed their pay plan, have profit margins from $500 to $1000 per sale. It is a great company, with an impressive product if marketing only to an end user, limited markets (only for end users). It is nice that you make an additional $500 -$1000 commission on every sale that a personally sponsored rep makes but that means that without that pay plan you could be making $1000-$2000 on each sale. If you are looking for a GRN rep contact me so I can introduce you to a GRN rep who is a 7 figure earner in the travel industry.

Platinum 1 Destinations P1D is a couple years old and has decent profit levels. It is hard to tell their performance so far though because most of their testimonials are from people who were in coastal vacations. Although new company start ups come and go by the dozens every year they have lasted their first year intact. We will see where their future lies.

Ed Przybylski From Ohio is an expert Business Marketer and Article Marketer and has achieved massive success by helping others reach 6 figure income goals in Network Marketing. Look For more expert articles from Ed regarding the travel industry and marketing and the secrets to massive success in any company.

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Careful! Your MLM Recruiting Method Could Crush Your Competition

We could discuss the traditional mlm recruiting ways of chasing friends and family and pushing your business opportunity always leads to chasing prospects and to prospecting from a position of weakness. While you may be successful with traditional mlm recruitingthe real money makers are those who are extroverted people that like to be in front of a lot of people, in other words, a super recruiter. If you are not that outgoing, sales person who loves to recruit then you will be beaten up by your competition. If you are a superstar and can lead the new members to success you should be awarethat the greater part of your team cannot duplicate the succss that you achieve. With the right system you can turn the tables and CRUSH your competition and build a stronger team if you incorporate an attraction marketing mlm recruiting model. You have just two alternatives. Recruit or be recruited.
So how do you create this attraction mlm recruiting system? If you need geater success you need to find the few who might want what you have. According to the principles of attraction marketing you must offer your potential prospects something that will draw them to you. Typically the people utilize this method concentrate more on the system itself instead of the company, product, or compensation. Just like McDonalds has a flawless system so powerful that anyone could run it - you also need a proven system for this mlm recruiting style.
In this mlm recruiting model you come to your prospect as someone fulfilling a need and reaching out with a a helping hand to others in order to help them get what they want. Mike Dillard, the author of magnetic sponsoring, states that no one who ever buys a drill comes looking for a drill, they came looking for a way to make a hole or holes. So if you were to show them how to make the perfect size and dimension holes as part of what you offer them and then say "oh, by the way, we also have these drills over here to get the job done right." According to Mike Dillard and many other millionaire network marketers who take this approach they say you will sell more drills because you provided the customer with important valuable information that will help them get what they want.
So, how can you do that in your opportunity? How can you provide value and a solution to your clients? All you have to do is market the solution to the main issue network and mlm marketers have in their mlm recruiting and that all new people to the industry will face. Their main problem is not having enough of the right people to talk to who need what they have. Hot Leads and pre-qualified prospects is what they need to know how to generate. So we show them a solution and give them advice and tools that will help them solve that problem. This can be done with free information in articles just like this one or by reviewing tools and products that will help them arrive at their solution of generating and attracting more people into their primary program. Another great thing is that you can even earn affiliate incomes off of the tools that may be part of their solution.
Just like the hole maker obtains the drill from the hole making teacher -similarly, your prospects whom you teach to market and generate leads will probably come to you to purchase your opportunity since you revealed their true needs and how to overcome the weaknesses of their mlm recruiting system.
If you apply an attraction marketing system, that is fully customizable, brands YOU as the guru,teaches your prospects for you, and provides the solution to their problems then you will crush your competition and your team to the top

Ed Przybylski from Ohio aka is a successful trainer and coach to network marekters and home business owners since 2003. Get some free marketing and leads information to promote any company and mlm recruiting at

Is Your MLM Recruiting Method Crushing Your Chances

Traditional mlm recruiting methods can crush your chances to succeed in your mlm or network marketing company.
Admittedly, there are many ways to recruit for your mlm, both offline and online, paid and free, face to face or through telephone lines or computer lines. But in the case of mlm recruiting methods there are 2 major systems of approaching reps.
The main techniquethat most business opportunities teach is to present the company, the products, and the structured pay plans. It is basically a way of mlm recruiting that emphasizes developing people skills and ultimately sales skills. You are taught toconverse with people you don't know, create interest sparking remarks that will gain the interest of acquaintances, and build relationships or connections. Now, please do not get me wrong, all of these are great skills to develop. However, not every one has those skills or is comfortable with approaching people on a regular basis to sell a product, program, company, or pay plan.
In truth, mlm recruiting this way requires a great deal of dedication and commitment and house meetings and pitching dozen at a time. If you are a socialite that loves being the star in the front of the room then, by all means, embrace this technique. You will also get to be a leader and a guide to your team and show them the ropes and nudge them constantly to more action.
While still taking the same mlm recruiting system of selling the company, product, and pay plan there are unlimited ways of getting leads and you don't necessarily need to have house meetings and chase your friends and family. You can learn to advertise and market on the web or offline. Get people that are interested in changing their lifestyle and then call them back and get them to go to your information, follow up, do three ways with your upline, and close the sale. We could discuss many variations of advertising here but this discussion is more about the styles that people use for mlm recruiting.
The one difficulty that must be overcome with this mlm recruiting method is that you are now in a difficult position. Just by virtue of this method you are now chasing the potential recruit, presenting, and getting them to jump through hoops and finally signing up. You can attempt to work from a position of leadership but at some level you NEED to recruit them into your business while they in turn do not need your opportunity. You get into this methodology of call, call, call and every time you hear NO you say Next, Next, Next…
Another methodof mlm recruiting is more of an attraction marketing system. This mlm recruiting method has people chasing you and what you have to offer instead of the other way around. This gets people WANTING to move through that system and get all the information on their own. Think for a minute, what if your potential recruits would start independantly to go through a proven system and get all the information on their own and actually call you with a few questions or just to make contact, OR MAYBE EVEN JUST SIGN UP WITH OUT EVEN TALKING TO YOU. This is the power of attraction marketing and an attraction marketing system. To get more details on this attraction marketing alternative and how to get prospects pursuing you, be sure to get more informationwith the complementry training on my blog.

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MLM Traffic Formula 2. Before You Buy Mike Dillard's...

MLM Traffic Formula 2. Before You Buy Mike Dillard's...
Mike Dillard is the real deal. I have several of his products and love each and every one. He definitely adds incredible value which is why he is so popular. In fact his new mlm traffic formula 2 looks to be very exciting-well-if things like making money and marketing excite you.
A couple points though, If you do decide to get any of his more expensive stuff...

1.If you are looking at his mlm traffic formula (his blueprint success product - how he went from broke to $7mil in a few years) I would wait till mlm traffic formula 2 comes out the first week of june. He is going to cover mlm traffic formula in that one plus much, much, more.

2.He does give a discount to one organizations membership base (that company is the first link in my signature). For Instance, both mlm traffic formula (saves you about $600 on a $997 product) and mlm traffic formula 2 - he gives over a 50% discount to people ion that organization. Before you buy Mike Dillards products you should consider joining their business.

You would get a Business in a Box + marketing tools out the wazoo + a full fledged biz op + it would cost you less to join both the business and get one of his premier products than if you just bought his product.

Good Luck
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